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Rec Room Residents are performers from a variety of disciplines who are given a regular platform to present their work in front of a live audience. Accepted candidates receive a performance slot once, quarterly or monthly for up to one year, totally for FREE. We also offer daytime rehearsal space, technical support, artistic feedback, and box office/front of house management. To apply, click here



Stacey Daniels has been a real Houstonian since the age of 19, she followed a silly boy to the innerloop and has not looked back once. Her day job is a hair colorist and travels all over Texas teaching. She knows TSA agents by name in many airports and never has to remove liquids from her bags.  Not born naturally into the comedy world Stacey adapted quickly by taking improv classes at a local theatre. That, combined with her unusual dating habits and lack of any discretion, has given her the inspiration she needs to share it all with the world. When not recording her podcast Relationshit, or writing sketch with the "comedy witches", she is very busy watching Bob's Burgers on Netflix. She can also be seen preforming at neo benshi,  grown up story time, co-producing for So Like Basically, and is known for co-writing, co-producing and preforming on Beta theaters Stalk Show, which is dead, and her new show shitshow with Hoja Lopez and Kathryn Way.

Stacey is a lover of the art scene in town and favors going to museum exhibits and restaurant openings if there is free food. Stacey has never turned down a cake pop, or a chance to show people her spanx. She is not yet married and has recently deleted her Tinder profile, so it may be a while. 

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Laura Gutierrez is a performing artist and choreographer based in Houston. A graduate of the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, she received a BFA in Contemporary Dance from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, where she was awarded a William R. Kenan, Jr., Performing Arts Fellowship at Lincoln Center Education. Gutierrez has performed at the American Dance Institute, Biennale de la Danse de Lyon, BAM Next Wave Festival, Soluna Festival, CounterCurrent Festival, Brisbane Festival and in museums such as The Menil Collection, Contemporary Arts Museum–Houston, the Fabric Workshop Museum, DiverseWorks, SCAD Museum of Art and The Guggenheim. While her own choreography has been seen at Lincoln Center’s Clark Studio Theatre, Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center, Triskelion Arts, Nicole Longnecker Gallery, Sicardi Gallery and MATCH Houston. She has been performing in works by Jonah Boaker since 2012, and in 2014 was named one of Dance Magazine’s “25 to Watch.”

Artist Statement:  Gutierrez repertoire includes a series of solo works and concert dance works as well as choreographic projects that challenge audiences theater experiences in non traditional performance venues, such as but not limited to museums and galleries. She plays with movement themes inspired by postmodern dance, classical ballet, and the visual arts.



Hoja Lopez is a Venezuelan comedy writer, standup and musician from Houston, TX.  Her formative years were spent as a member of local Houston bands like Giant Princess, SINGS and Limb. Hoja didn’t actually step foot on a comedy stage until she was 27, but fast forward three years later, she is the former artistic director forBETA Theater and has produced over a 50 live shows including Neo Benshi and CAROL. She's collaborated with Catastrophic, Bootown, BETA, Secret Group and performed for audiences at Trill fest, Whatever Fest and FreePress Summer Fest. Hoja is the former head writer and co-creator of Stalk Show, a popular monthly live sketch comedy hour with Stacey Daniels and Kathryn Way. As a member of MAX, the longest running resident improv troupe in Houston, she has performed every Thursday night for the last two years. Hoja regularly appears in shows like Good Evening with Billy and Conner (Microsatan), So Like Basically, Expert Matters, Blanket Fort, Armando Supernova, Hou Show and many more. Catch her podcast relationshit and the upcoming live ShitShow at Rec Room!  


MISNOMERS. is made up of Robert Meek, Gabriel Regojo and Laura Moreno - three friends who like beer, food and to chat about making theatre. The trio has known each other since their days at the University of Houston, where they earned their BFAs in Acting. After graduating and working in the professional theatre community for a bit they decided to stop just talking and start doing. And thus the brainstorming began! So here they are, a new theatre group in HTX - excited to be working with and operating through Rec Room Arts. Armed with a number of goals and ideas but ultimately dedicated to make the familiar unfamiliar and vice versa, to create a safe environment for artists to hone their craft & sharpen their skills, to experiment and sometimes fail but above all have fun. They aim to break stereotype, to step out of the boxes society has placed us in. Their first project is a play reading series titled "They Read from a Script", but be sure to keep an eye out for more to come!



Space City Performing Arts is a 501(c)(3) music organization based in Houston, Texas.  The organization was founded in 2002, then known as Space City Gamelan, and has been recognized by cultural organizations such as the Asian Pacific American Heritage Association, The Asia Society Texas, The Dallas Museum of Art and has given community performances at TEDx Houston, Discovery Green, International Festival in Downtown Houston, Bayou City Arts Festival, and numerous other performances around Houston.

As Space City Performing Arts, the mission of the organization is to become a creative force and educational resource for the community of Houston by providing opportunities to preserve, discover, and advance efforts in the performing arts. 

Our vision at Space City Performing Arts is to present traditional music from around the world, present new and imaginative works that integrate many different performing art forms, provide educational and performance opportunities to young and aspiring musicians.



Britt Vasicek is a comedian, writer, and producer living in Houston, Texas.

She produces unique variety shows that feature music, comedy, burlesque, and everything in between.

Britt also hosts Poly Wanna Podcast, a one of kind polyamory podcast on The Mockingbird Network. She writes a satire blog called The Broad Boxxx and a serious blog called Write Like a GRL that is on it’s way to becoming a nonprofit in 2017.

To collaborate with or stalk Britt Vasicek you can subscribe to her email list here.


Kathryn Way is a comedian & writer in Houston, Texas who is not pregnant, just a little fat, which is fine. She spent time at Second City in Chicago, & her work has appeared on BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Funny or Die, Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans, Playboy, & unauthorized t-shirts from companies that steal jokes from the internet & sell them to teens FOR $30 A POP. Kathryn wouldn’t even pay $30 for her own joke. The first time her mom found her Twitter account, she asked, “Katie, are you trying to ruin my fucking life?” Only her mom can call her Katie. Kathryn's monthly comedy variety show, So Like Basically, is at Rec Room, as is the monthly sketch show that she writes with Stacey Daniels & Hoja Lopez, Shitshow.