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Help Rec Room Weather the Storm Party

Harvey hit hard in very physical ways: people's homes and cars are destroyed, nearly 30,000 people took refuge in shelters across the city, families now have to rebuild their lives from the ground up. It also took its toll--and continues to take its toll--in ways that are hards to see. Even though our building suffered minimal physical damage, we have had to close the doors to our bar, cancel and cancel nine shows in total, which has amounted to nearly $5,000 in lost revenue that helps keep our scrappy non-profit alive. We need your help, Houston. 


Life sucks right now and camaraderie and responsible drinking never hurt anyone in times of pain. If you want Rec Room to stay open in 2018 to continue making Houston awesome, please help us weather the storm by drinking at our bar. But really. We will be slinging beers and wines from 8 pm - 12 am with friendly faces and maybe even a dance party or two. We hear the 70s are making a come back and want to boogie with you!


But in all sincerity, we know everyone is suffering right now in a variety of ways and certainly do not want to minimize anyone's pain. If you feel like you can take a few hours to support your local theatre, we would love to see you.