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Kilgore? A play by Grace Cunyus

Mykelti and Clara are seniors at Kilgore High School. Mykelti is the pastors daughter and Clara is the daughter of a single mother. They are getting out of Kilgore as soon as possible, with their hearts set on going to the University of Texas at Austin. When Mykelti comes back from a family vacation to The Bahamas pregnant (her boyfriend Logan went along instead of Clara), a wrench is thrown in their plan of escape. While the girls struggle with how to handle the news, the plot takes a roller coaster ride through the conservative traditions of a
religious family dealing with things they never thought they would have. When Clara reveals her true feelings for Mykelti things get even more complicated. Will Mykelti take her baby and leave her life in Kilgore to try being with Clara in Austin? Or will she do what her family wants and stay behind?